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Be careful not to do this!!!!

Getting up on my soapbox...

Ok, I'm posting this since another sister of mine told me about it and I feel it should NEVER have happened. However it did. There is an AEPhi chapter that has gotten in trouble with hazing.

Please, do not haze potential members. What does that say. Really, I wouldn't want to join an organization if I heard one of their chapters somewhere did that. We have very special ties that make us AEPhi's and that can be tarnished by a few members not thinking. I don't know if it was done in the past to you, but it has to stop NOW. We can't portray ourselves as the best sorority when this happens.

I know I'm preaching to many people that wouldn't even consider hazing. But obviously it's still out there. And if nothing else, maybe this will be seen by a potential new member that feels they are being hazed and will speak up.

We don't haze. It's in our national constitution. We sign a form every sememster that we don't haze. I feel that this chapter should get a far worse punishment then they received. But, I guess they lucked out.

Let's just keep it a group of sisters that want to promote sisterhood, not put ourselves on the same track as a gang initiation.

stepping off my soapbox

Sorry. Just felt I had to post this.
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